The Sub-Basement is a TV show hosted by these two guys, Richmond and Mowrer, with news and features about TV, movies, comics, and whatever else Richmond and Mowrer are obsessed with at any given time. Occasionally they venture outside the studio and find themselves in some weird situations. Richmond and Mowrer have been friends for many years – in fact, this is not the first show they have done together.

Richmond has strong opinions on a lot of subjects, including, but not limited to, Superman, his infatuation with various Disney princesses, and why Howard The Duck is due for a more faithful adaptation. Be warned; he will share those opinions with you at length and without hesitation.

Mowrer loves sharks lot, and he can’t understand why they’ve never appeared with Nicholas Cage. He devises foolproof plans for raising money quickly and has a very specific way of eating burgers and fries.

Christian is their friend and the producer of The Sub-Basement. He likes to participate in Richmond and Mowrer’s escapades, even if usually he’s half a step behind.

Noodles handles the camera duties. He’s a salty old industry veteran who’s been working at UHF stations since the 80s, among other eclectic pursuits.


TV Squared, an extremely low-rated basic cable channel that is home to some dubious reruns, airs The Sub-Basement on weeknights to fulfill a legal requirement for newsertainment programming.

Richmond and Mowrer seldom see anyone else at the station, apart from whatever poor sucker is stuck with the title of Station Manager at any given time. Richmond and Mowrer also have been working on some promos for TV Squared for a while now.

Though the TV Squared building seems to have at least one other inhabitant