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You gotta figure some Jericho fans are sending nuts to AskJeeves right now.

It just sounds too ridiculous to be true.  Community is finally getting its sixth season, after being cancelled by NBC.  The announcement came just hours before the cast’s contracts were set to expire.    And the source of its salvation was not another broadcast or cable network.  It was not Netflix or Hulu – it’s not even premiering as a series of animated gifs on reddit.  No, the savior of Community was…Yahoo?  I mean, that’s about as unlikely as…well, as the Study Group saving Greendale by finding a secret passage to a computer made of gold that runs on human emotions.

This deal has given me a new appreciation for the season finale, is all I’m saying.

Besides, as Dan Harmon pointed out at Comic-Con, this will be no different from how most people watch the show anyway, but with a more accurate, less archaic and random method of tracking said viewership.

It was a game-changer when Netflix revived Arrested Development.  But Netflix, at least, was already successful, both as a video-watching platform, and as a recent entrant into the content-provider business.  Yahoo?  Well…we all remember Yahoo.  I mean, I met my wife in one of their chat rooms (she even turned out to be real, and female!), so they’ve got that going for them, but that’s not exactly a shared experience.  More recently, they…updated their logo!  Apart from that?  No one’s heard much from them since before Google was a thing, in the days when the internet was so small that their directory seemed like a good idea.

On a side note, I just this moment discovered that the Yahoo Directory still exists.  Hopefully the last remaining Netscape Navigator user is making good use of it.

So, even more than its ramifications for Community, this could mean new life for prematurely-canceled shows, once those other forgotten web portals decide to get into the game.  We could finally get Deadwood’s final season on AOL!  Pushing Daisies on Excite! Friends on Friendster!  But one thing’s for sure; none of them will revive Firefly, because life just isn’t fair.

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