Mowrer has an additional message to pass on.  The message is, and I quote verbatim: “D’oh!”  Well-spoken, Mr. Mowrer.

Let this be a lesson, Sub-Basementeers, when you buy a messenger bag, make sure the water bottle pocket is on the outside. Learn from our terrible, which is to say terribly inconvenient, mistake.

Christmas is a time for reflection, so let’s reflect on what’s happened in The Sub-Basement this year:

Our hundredth strip, where we start to uncover the secrets of TV Squared, the home of contractually obligated television.


Whatever Happened To The Man Of Tomorrow? and, Superman II: The Richmond Cut

The Saga Of…The Voice.

We go searching for Atari E.T cartridges in Return To Bushnell’s Folly


The Lost World Of Sid & Marty Krofft – our epic summer blockbuster!

Our ongoing relationship with the self-invented genre of Finema


That time we got trapped in the studio on the air for three days.

Star Wars, from the end of The Clone Wars, to the Expanded Universe, to the Force awakening.  And Mark Hamill!


We’ve talked about Spider-Man kind of a lot.

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