The Force is strong in the Sub-Basement.  Twitter has it.  Facebook has it.  And the Archives have it.

If the Star Wars prequels, as their most vocal detractors would have you believe, raped our childhoods, then it looks like The Force Awakens is here to make sweet love to it, and spend the night, and call when it says it’s going to.  This is J.J. Abrams et al. reassuring us, yes, it’s okay to love…again.

(Not that we’re among those detractors.  We’re not saying they’re not streets behind the Holy Trinity, but if you can’t just enjoy the odd lightsaber duel or chase over Coruscant, there is no room for joy in your heart.)

There’s been one overwhelming reaction to the trailer, aptly-illustrated by cartoonist Rob Tornoe: by the time we hear the words “Chewie…we’re home,” we’re collectively 6 years old, playing with our Kenner action figures on the floor.  Here’s the Millennium Falcon, being chased by a TIE fighter, into the giant Star Destroyer!  This area rug is a lake that the X-Wings are flying over!  This weird-looking generic robot from that pack of generic space toys Mom got at the Pay N Save for $1.99?  His name’s, uh, BB-8!  Yeah, he’s a friend of R2-D2!  The only difference between J.J. Abrams and the rest of us is that his allowance is bigger.

Of course, now you see the hidden dangers of the Force Awakens trailer.  Gonna make things real awkward with Mrs. Richmond…