Hey Sub-Basementeers, you’ve no doubt noticed the lack of a comic strip up above.  Well, sorry to say that Real Life intruded: Mowrer’s basement got flooded after it rained sideways this weekend, and he’s got more important shit to deal with than drawing silly jokes about Star Wars.  Dude has been having the worst luck with all things water-related.  Stay strong, Chieftain, and we’ll see you next week.

And we hope to see the rest of you next week, too, when we finally get to present a very special Musical Tribute!

But in the meantime, it’s March 17th – and that means it’s October 19th!

We’re watching the premiere of Community on Yahoo! Screen, and to celebrate, let’s pop-pop through some Dean-matically appropriate strips…

The true story of when we met Dan Harmon, and the universe didn’t explode.

The time a freshly-rehired Dan Harmon talked about his plans for season 5.

Mowrer once got his Glovers mixed up.  Elderly Gambino?

We took a Community-themed Buzzfeed quiz.  What happened next will amaze you.

We didn’t take NBC’s cancellation of Community well…

…but we kept hope alive.

We speculated on the ramifications of the Yahoo! deal.

And we got some material out of Dan Harmon’s podcast.

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