It’s furniture month in the Sub-Basement, apparently. Come for the couch, stay for a two-parter about desks! Can an eight-part epic about chairs be far behind? Spoiler: no it can’t.

Mowrer Sez: I’d like to give a shout out to Benjamin Nimmons, one of my co-workers at Expedia Global Design. At our company “White Elephant” gift exchange, Ben had the good taste to steal the privilege of appearing in The Sub-Basement from another of our co-workers that was bewildered as to what exactly this “gift” was. Thanks Ben!

Elsewhere in the revolving slate of hapless station managers, Christopher is doing UI design at Abbattoir Tech, which you can read about in his own strip, Breaking Fitts’s Law.

You’d be forgiven for assuming that Mowrer and me are gay. I get it. We’re not “bro”-type guys. We’re not only not into sports, we find the way they work arcane and baffling. We spent our early twenties at Rocky Horror. We spent several years as housemates (with Christian, part of that time). Plus, we’ve been best friends for over twenty years, and that can lead to a certain Akbar and Jeff-like symbiosis.  Hey Mowrer, too bad the parsley’s not orange!

For the record – and this is canon within the strip – we’re both happily married to wonderful women, and were each other’s best men.

The question used to come up a lot back in the Movie Geek Show days. We weren’t surprised when an email from a viewer asked if there was a “subtle gay undertone to the show,” or if it was their imagination.  At the other end of the spectrum, though, was the troll who called our home phone number at 3 am to ask, “are you guys fuckin’ homos together or what?”

So, no, it’s not a problem if you think we’re gay. The only time we have a problem with it is when someone has a problem with it.

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