You couldn’t really call the feeling “elation, exactly, but when you enter into a creative undertaking and release it into the wild, there’s a certain sense of relief that comes from explicit confirmation that, at the very least, your existence has been acknowledged.  If people are seeing it, they can like it, or at least Like it, and that’s Phase 1.  Phase 3, profit!

That’s what we tell ourselves, when one of our threads on reddit (we regularly post to r/webcomics, r/comics, and any subreddits that dovetail with the subject of a given strip) is blighted with some inarticulate bit of abuse hurled our way.  Besides, as you saw last week, we’re big boys with thick skin, and our detractors of today are the carcasses on which we will someday feast.  Metaphorically speaking.

I think.

And for the record, our one mention of Steve Englehart was meant in a positive way.   Geez, fictional straw-men are so sensitive!

Hey!  There’s still plenty of time to pledge the IndieGogo for MEGAFOOT, the cyborg-sasquatch flick you didn’t know you’ve been waiting for!  We got a great shoutout from them after our last strip, and we can’t wait to see this thing get made!