There are certain words that gain special meaning in a comic book context.  Over at the Distinguished Competition, when they use words like “Crisis,” or “Year One,” or the number 52 for some reason, you know that word was chosen for a reason.  That’s why I find it significant that Marvel is decidedly not using the word “clone” in relation to Spider-Verse.

By the way, Miles, is Ultimate Spider-Woman single? Something about her just appeals to me…

Okay, I know it’s not just clones, it’s alternate universes, and possible futures, and I guess other costumes Peter Parker has worn or something, and of course a pig that hangs out with Goose Rider and Captain Americow.  But they’re treading dangerous ground by even raising that spectre.

Still, I have faith in Dan Slott.  This guy took Marvel’s most iconic secret identity off the table for over a year (and by sheer coincidence, brought him back just as a new movie is coming out), suffering the ire of deranged fanboys with short memories.  It’s like, after a year of being Parker-less, he’s now compensating by giving us more Peter Parker than we can handle.

You hear me, Slott?  Peter Parker.  Not Ben Reilly.

It’s just too soon.