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Much like a particular fowl whose name has come up here, Swamp Thing is one of those characters who deserves a better movie than he got – or in Swampy’s case, than either of the movies he got.  The first one, from 1982, wasn’t bad at all; it was directed by Wes Craven, just a couple of years before Elm Street, and starred a young Ray Wise as Alec Holland, the scientist who becomes the Swamp Thing  (The less said about 1989’s The Return Of Swamp Thing, with Swampy playing second fiddle to a thought-it-was-a-comedy Heather Locklear, the better).

Trouble was, Craven’s Swamp Thing, faithful as it was to Swamp Thing at the time, had the misfortune to be released a hot minute before the Swamp Thing comics were taken over by a young Brit making his American comics-writing debut: one Alan Moore.  And Moore proceeded to rebuild Swampy from the, ahem, ground up.  No longer was he a human who got transformed into a plant creature, he was, in a variation of the possibly-discredited Planarian Worm Experiment, merely a plant that thought it was a man.  Freed from his human limitations, Swamp Thing gained the power of The Green, able to control, and later protector of, the world’s vegetation.

As much as we love Guardians Of The Galaxy here in The Sub-Basement – which, the record will show, is more than just about any other movie this year – there was a small part of me, already awakened by that scene in Hellboy: The Golden Army, that thought the whole, plant-creature-dies-and-is-reborn-as-an-adorable-sprout bit seemed just a tad familiar.


I guess if Abby had thought to play him the Jackson Five…

There are still rumors about either a standalone Swamp Thing movie, or a movie to be directed by Guillermo Del Toro featuring Swampy, John Constantine (who debuted in Moore’s Swamp Thing run), Deadman, and other “dark” DC characters.  Though given Del Toro’s history of abandoned projects (being so busy with the Peter Rabbit triskaidecalogy, after all), I wouldn’t start camping out for tickets to that one.  I predict that Swampy, or at least a pre-Swampy Alec Holland, is a shoo-in to appear on Constantine, despite already appearing in my Arrow spec script.  Either way, I hope they find a way to include the time Swampy traveled to the planet Rann and met Adam Strange, who then returned to earth to tell Swamp Thing’s wife.


Who’s your favorite plant-based comic book hero?  Groot?  Swamp Thing?  Man-Thing?  The Heap?