Read it from the beginning!

It was one year ago today, on October 22, 2013, that The Sub-Basement launched.  In that time, we’ve dabbled in watercolors, we’ve named a genre, we’ve met our childhood idols, and we’ve talked a lot about Spider-Man, Star Wars, and Community.  We’re looking forward to whatever the second year brings!


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We’ve talked about The Movie Geek Show, the real show Mowrer and I did before our fictional one.  We really did do a tribute to Tim Burton, and it really is missing, because the channel really did get changed on the VCR.  It aired on December 13, 1996, the opening night of Mars Attacks!, the first (but not the last) time I was disappointed by Tim Burton.  There were some Movie Geek Show episodes that probably could disappear and I wouldn’t feel too bad.  Most of them, in fact -we were kind of terrible at doing a live show.  But as I recall, that one was…well, it probably still wasn’t great, but I do remember having fun doing it.  It’s probably too much to hope that, in the absence of some subterranean good Samaritan, that someone reading this just happened to have taped it, and just happened to have saved that tape for eighteen years, and is willing to share.  But a guy can hope, right?

So, have you enjoyed our anniversary story?  What have you enjoyed from our first year?  How has The Sub-Basement changed your life?  Scratch that last one.  But seriously, did you like it?