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TOMORROW is the big day – our ONE YEAR anniversary!  And we’re celebrating with a special Wednesday edition of The Sub-Basement. Mowrer is drawing this one analog-style, and YOU can win the original art!  We’ll choose one winner from everyone who Shares or Retweets tomorrow’s strip. Why do we do it? Because we love you.  And to promote the strip. But mostly tbe love thing.

On the one hand, it’s nice that our potential audience was broadened; Mowrer and I are proud of The Movie Geek Show, and to have been part of the 90s Seattle Public Access scene, along with the Afronauts, Handy and Bandy, and that guy who had a small part in The Hangover.  On the other hand, piping in Public Access may have opened up the Channel Channel to all sorts of non-FCC compliant material; there was the frequently-naked Goddess Kring, The Seattle Bong Hit Championships (back when that was still illegal in Seattle), and straight-up porn, thanks to one-time mayoral candidate Michael “Mike Hunt” Aivaz.  Were you there? what are your memories of Seattle Public Access?