It is a period of civil war.  Rebel Twitters, striking from a hidden Facebook, have won their first victory against the evil Galactic Archive.

On the one hand, dropping cable is a great way to lower your monthly bills.  A Hulu subscription and an HD antenna, and you can keep up with most new shows.  On the other hand, if there’s a channel that decides it’s too good to stream its shows, you have two choices.  You can get those shows by other means, or you can suck it up and wait.

In the case of Star Wars: Rebels, I chose the former, Mowrer chose the latter.  Which is frustrating, because ohmandoIwannatalkaboutit!  And unlike in the strip, Mark Hamill doesn’t randomly show up wanting to talk Star Wars.

(Though, note to Mark Hamill: if you ever want to hang out and talk Star Wars, I’m totally up for it.  We could talk Batman too.  Hell, even I Dream Of Jeannie.)

I figure it’s probably at least six months before season one makes it to Netflix, so if you run into Mowrer on the street between now and then, mess with him.  Tell him about the one where they went back in time and witnessed the birth of Yoda.  Or when Zeb sat in with the Max Rebo band to play “Lapti Nek.”    Or the one where Kanan is given a Twi’lek wife who turns out to be a con-woman because the show is totally Firefly-in-Star-Wars.