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Not everyone is into funky mid-century decor the way Mowrer is, but I think the experience is pretty universal; you get some piece of gear when you’re young and starting out, that somehow lasts even when you’ve gotten to capital-A Adulthood.  Doesn’t matter that you got it from that sketchy thrift store two towns over, that it still bears the stains of your youthful excesses, and that smell no one can identify, it still stings to let it go.

Mowrer’s couch has a slightly higher pedigree than that; he picked it up at antique store, back when we still shared a house, when a change in career status first allowed him to indulge his love of mid-century home decor. He still has the Egg Chair he bought around the same time, which is perfect for chilling and grooving to music that sounds like Don Martin sound effects.

So what’s your (metaphorical or literal) funky old couch?  Was it a hand-me-down from your parents, or did you find it on a streetcorner, spray it with Lysol, and put it in the studio apartment you shared with three other guys?