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Oh, the Ghost Of Jack Kirby?  Yeah, we hang out.

Jack Kirby definitely went through his phases, that became more idiosyncratic the older he got.  From the birth of comics, when it was strictly crank-out-pages-in-any-genre-for-a-paycheck, to the dawn of the Marvel Age when lucky comics readers got to live in a world built by Kirby and Ditko, to the 70s when he read Chariots Of The Gods and got Big Ideas, as well as seeing Planet Of The Apes and marrying those Big Ideas with Crazy Fighting Animals.

The one constant?  The crackle.  Nay, The Krackle.  The Kirby Krackle.  


Also known as Kirby Dots.  But I like Krackle, because that’s what it does.  It’s all over Kirby’s art, the energy of creation itself, with the power to remake reality into something bigger, punchier, more epic.  And with meatier fingers.

Give us your favorite Kirby!  Favorite panels, favorite crazy ideas, hell, even your favorite times the Krackle was invoked by others!