It’s our 100th strip! Somehow we’ve managed to crank these things out twice a week for fifty weeks without missing a one, and only being slightly late once, with good reason.  We’re commemorating the occasion with the start of a new storyline that will culminate on our one-year anniversary on October 22!

We love delving into our fictional corner of the TV universe, from its beginnings as The Channel Channel, to its notexactly “must-see” programming, to its revolving door of hapless station managers presiding over a mostly empty office.  Join us over the next few weeks as we go deeper – literally and figuratively – into TV Squared.

And hey, what about that last panel, eh?  It’s true.  Neither The Sub-Basement, the comic strip, or The Sub-Basement, the eponymous “newsertainment” program, is the first collaboration between Richmond and Mowrer.  The Movie Geek Show ran on Seattle Public Access TV – the Mighty 29 – from 1996 to 2000, and, much like The Sub-Basement (either definition), was our outlet for the pop-culture obsessions that clog our brains.  Initially hosted by Mowrer and myself, and later joined by others of our circle of friends, The Movie Geek Show is a time capsule of where our – and the fan community’s – heads were at in the 90s.

It also featured some pretty action-packed opening credits.

Join us on Twitter and Facebook, and be back here tuesday to find out the secret connection between The Movie Geek Show and TV Squared.  And check out our previous big storyline, The Lost World Of Sid & Marty Krofft!