Facebook.  Twitter.  Krofft.  Anniversary.  But enough about that.  The new Star Wars teaser is here!

Huh, this may actually be real.  My take, and thanks for asking: looks good.  I mean, c’mon, seeing the Millennium Falcon being chased by TIE Fighters is pretty much guaranteed to make my inner 6-year-old excited.   The shot of the X-Wings skimming across the water is absolutely gorgeous.  I’m intrigued by the implication (or at least the inference) that John Boyega‘s character might be a Force-sensitive Stormtrooper.  And I wanna know the deal with that ball-droid-thingy.

I’ll hand it to JJ Abrams: he’s been doing the mystery box thing long enough that he knows exactly how to manage audience expectations, from appeasing CG-haters to taking action against *winkwinknudgenudge* leaked photos. I’m not a prequel hater, but even I recognize that the sight of real Stormtroopers tickles a spot in my psyche that Clone Troopers can’t.  The Force Awakens may end up being a pile of bantha shit, but the 88 seconds we’ve seen look more like the Star Wars movies a generation has been watching in their heads since 1983.

Share your thoughts!  Are you excited, or is that rectangular radar dish on the Millennium Falcon a dealbreaker?  Post a warning if you’re posting spoilers.  And that “I’m not a prequel hater” line was NOT an invitation to try to make me one.