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You know how every fifteen years or so, you’ll be at the comic shop and see that Marvel has quietly dumped a Rom: Spaceknight special into stores (while omitting the actual character of Rom: Spaceknight, because no way is Parker Brothers gonna let go of that hot property), and you wonder who was demanding a new Rom: Spaceknight comic without Rom: Spaceknight in it?

Turns out, no one.  Marvel just needs to publish something with Rom: Spaceknight (or at least his supporting cast – see previous parenthetical), to assert their copyright.  Doesn’t matter that they have no actual plans for Rom: Spaceknight, and don’t particularly care about Rom: Spaceknight.  But if they don’t assert that copyright, some other comic company might snap it up.

Snap up Rom: Spaceknight, that is.

That’s how TV Squared works.  The Parent Company doesn’t particularly want the copyright to “The Don Knotts Mysteries,” or “Mearth And Mindy” or whatever the heck this is, they just don’t want Antenna TV to have them.  They just put them on TV Squared because it’s cheaper than piping in Public Access shows.