It’s never too late to start reading The Lost World Of Sid & Marty Krofft.  Come for the nostalgia, stay for the twist ending!

Hey, Mowrer’s at San Diego Comic-Con all week!  It’s your best chance yet for a Mowrer selfie!

You ever want to break your brain?  Try quantifying which actors have played Superman.  You’d think it’s easy, right?  You got George Reeves, in the inauspicious Superman And The Mole Men, you got Reeve, you got Routh, you got Cavill…but what about Kirk Alyn – do his 1940s serials count?  For that matter, does Reeves, since Mole Men was an extended pilot for the Adventures Of Superman TV show?  And if we’re getting into TV, what about Dean Cain?  And from there, what about John Haymes Newton and Gerard Christopher, from the Adventures Of Superboy syndicated series – does that count, if it was Superboy as opposed to Superman?  And if so, do you include Johnny Rockwell from the Adventures Of Superboy pilot from the early 60s?  And if we’re including Superboy, do we count Ron Ely’s appearance as a future Kal-El?  Then do we include Tom Welling, who couldn’t even be bothered to be Superboy?  How far into this Phantom Zone do we go – Adventures Of Superpup?

And that’s before we start thinking about animation, with Tim Daly, Bud Collyer, the awesomely-named Danny Dark, and a ton more.  So, for our purposes, we’re sticking to actors who played Superman in full-length feature films, which makes Routh Mk3.  Your mileage may vary.

Man, DC’s all over TV this fall, aren’t they?  The Flash joins Arrow on The CW, nicely setting up the grinning, sunshiny boy scout in contrast to the grim, avenging, nighttime vigilante.  If Flash has half the fun with DC’s mythology that Arrow does, it’ll be a hoot to watch.  A certain other nighttime vigilante is coming to Fox, in a way, with Gotham; let’s hope that, in the limited subgenre of TV-shows-about-DC-heroes-before-they-became-heroes, it’s more satisfying than the ten year cocktease that was Smallville.

I’m still not sure what to feel about Constantine, the NBC show that gives us a John Constantine, the man who once tricked the Devil into drinking a pint of holy water before giving him the finger, who lives in America, doesn’t smoke, and can’t say “fuck.”  But I’m keeping an open mind, especially since they almost have to bring in Swamp Thing, a character second only to Howard The Duck in the pantheon of comic-characters-who-deserve-one-good-movie-if-only-to-supplant-a-terrible-one.  Which I realize may be an unfair set of expectations to bring to a show.  But hey, Dr. Fate!

There is one change to Constantine that really bugs me, though:

Damn New 52.

Damn New 52.

So with big whacks of the DC Universe potentially in play, which characters do you hope show up?  Karl Urban as Sgt. Rock?  Neil Patrick Harris as Ralph Dibny?  A Grant Morrison-inspired Doom Patrol, with Aubrey Plaza as Crazy Jane?  Let us know by Facebook or Twitter!

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