If you’ve seen The Hudsucker Proxy (and you should), or if you’ve read A Confederacy Of Dunces (and you really should), you may remember the theme of Rota Fortunae, or Fortune’s Wheel.  The gist of it is that fate, anthropomorphized as Dame Fortuna, spins a wheel that randomly determines your fate.  One day, the Wheel spins against you and you have to shell out over seven grand for plumbing repairs, as happened to Mowrer last week.  The next day, the Wheel spins your way and you win the lottery.  The day after that, you’re tied to chair getting worked over by some IRS guys with a tube sock full of nickels.

To simplify the idea; This, too, shall pass. The wheel in the sky keeps on turning.  To every thing, there is a season. Sometimes you eat the bar, and sometimes, well, the bar…he eats you.

To simplify further; shit happens.

That’s why, unlike Ignatius J. Reilly, I follow the philosophy of the great thinker Emmet Lathrop Brown: Your future is what you make it, so make it good one.

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