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You remember how I railed against The Asylum, and their movies full of faded stars, lazy effects, and far too many other things that are neither Mega-Sharks NOR Giant Octopi?  Well, I merely dabble in the rampaging-monster genre, while Mowrer is the true enthusiast.  It was on his recommendation that I finally watched – and was surprisingly impressed by – Sharknado, and while I require more than just a clever title to draw my attention, Mowrer will show up for even the possibility of a rampaging monster.

I get that the vagaries of both budget and narrative necessity do require that there be some parts of a giant-monster movie in which we’re not actively watching the monster-or-monsters commit its-or-their rampage.  But out of sight need not mean out of mind.  Indeed, one of the reasons I liked Cloverfield was that it mostly adhered to that principle, that interminable opening party aside.  Once the monster made the scene, it remained a looming presence throughout the movie, a constant menace that could strike at any moment, whether it’s onscreen or off.

Of course, Cloverfield did go a little off the rails near the end.  And why?  Because instead of being menaced by the monster, they spend a bunch of time trying to convince us that being impaled by rebar in a collapsed building is the kind of injury you can just walk off.  Proving Mowrer’s point.

That doesn’t mean, though, that I’m not gonna egg Mowrer on when he gets in the zone.  After too many occasions where I’m the one going off on an esoteric rant, or just stomping on the desk, it’s nice to be on the other side, and see some invective spewing out from beneath that mustache.