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A Super Sub-Basement Salute to Lego Artist extraordinaire Dan “Koffykat” Fortine!  Dan works in Lego the way  some artists work in pastels or bodily fluids.  Check out this sweet Lego Minas Tirith:


And check out his Etsy store for more amazing Brickheads.

So what do you want to see Lego-tized?  Do you want to play Lego Borderlands? Would you buy the Lego Interstellar set? Watch Lego Gilmore Girls?

And on a semi-related note: Community directors are suddenly everywhere, with Rob Schrab directing The Lego Movie 2, Justin Lin on Star Trek 3, and Joe and Anthony Russo returning for the third Captain America.  The time has never been more right for #HarmonForHoward!