The inspiration for this strip comes courtesy of Angie aka Dr. Mrs. the Mowrer, who brought this article to our attention.


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It seems fitting somehow, that someone like Kirby would transcend such mundane concepts as “life” and “death,” existing as a cosmic force of art and imagination, haloed in krackling black dots.  Alan Moore and Rick Veitch nailed it in their final issue of Supreme, presenting “The King,” who was finally free of the limitations of the flesh, able to bring his ideas to reality as fast as they come to him.


That seems fitting.  A lot of creators were and are influential in comics; Kirby was one of the few who was comics.  He invented the language we speak.  We call him King because he truly was.  And Hail To The King.

GUYS YOU CAN TOTALLY COMMENT What’s your favorite Kirby joint?  Classic Fantastic Four?  Golden Age Captain America?  The really weird stuff from after he read Chariots Of The Gods?

Destroyer Duck?