Yeah, we’re still talking about CommunityDean with it.

It’s true, Mowrer didn’t watch Community from the beginning.  After years of me blithering on about paintball westerns and darkest timelines he finally tried it and got hooked.  But I can’t help but feel a little resentful about how he can just be done with an episode of Community and, hey look, there’s another episode of Community.  No finishing “Regional Holiday Music” and having to wait months for more.  You never had to watch it get pulled from the schedule and spend sleepless nights wondering when October 19 would be.

It happens with any show that gets binge-watched in this, the age of streaming.  I just spent a saturday watching eleven-and-a-half episodes of Arrow, an achievement to rival the 1994 Max Headroom marathon on the Sci-Fi Channel in 1994.  And when you do gorge on a show like that, there always seems to be that one friend who’s been into it since the beginning, whose pain you just don’t get.  I had to wait three months to find out what was in that damn hatch.  I was into that show before it was cool.
I’ve been a binger all my life, ever since I discovered Home Video Express had all seventeen episodes of The Prisoner on individual VHS tapes.  When I got Mowrer into Red Dwarf, we watched the first four seasons – the whole series up to that point – in one night.  You could probably even trace it back to having Star Blazers on every morning in the late 70s.
What were the earliest shows you binged on?  What have you introduced to your friends, to have then finally get the quotes and in-jokes you’ve been inflicting on them?
In reality, Mowrer and I totally suck at the Troy and Abed handshake.
– Richmond