I can’t be the only one, right? I mean, with Marvel dominating the box office (and soon to do the same for Netflix, while having more mixed success on ABC), we can’t get something close to Steve Gerber’s original, possibly salsa music-inspired vision?  Tell me you wouldn’t be curious about a satirical dark comedy with Howard’s voice by Paul Giamatti?  Directed by someone like the Edgar Wright, or the Duplass brothers?  With Greta Gerwig as his girlfriend Beverly?

I may have already given this a lot of thought.

The Howard The Duck movie we got in 1986 is – rightly – universally scorned and mocked.  But to those who were familiar with the deeply weird Howard comics of the late 70s, it’s a cautionary tale of how things can go horribly wrong. I read my first Howard comic when my age was in single digits – not that I understood any of it, I just got that this was something very, very different, and very interesting.

Howard The Duck may not have the cultural cache of something like Avatar: The Last Airbender (damn you, James Cameron!), but the principle is the same: the failure of the execution is seen as a failure of the source. People chose not to bother with M. Night Shyamalan’s slow-moving, rather inelegantly-cast version of the Aang Gaang, so the logic goes that people don’t want the Gaang at all.

At the other end of the spectrum is the fear that this rethought version will eventually supplant the original, at least for those who grew up on the new version;  Ted proved that when we think of Flash Gordon now, we hear Queen’s rockin’ theme tune.

So, what was your Howard The Duck?  What was something you loved, that Hollywood blew their chance to make awesome?