I submit that panel 3 would be a perfectly acceptable way for Community to keep Troy on the show after Donald Glover leaves.  Take heed, Dan Harmon!

Mixing up peoples’ names is one of the great American entertainments.  I once got a minor ego boost when a girl at a party kept saying I reminded her of Chris O’Donnell.  Then she asked me to do the “Holy Schnikes!” bit.  Turns out she meant Chris Farley.

Have you ever mixed up Dylan McDermott and Dermot Mulroney, and ended up with Dylan McDermott Mulroney?  Can you never remember which is Tom Bosley and which is David Doyle, who played Bosley? Do you have trouble sorting out the Shelleys: Winters, Duvall, Long, and Hack?

Also, apparently there are those who thought Donald Glover was the son of Danny Glover.   We’ve discussed the question of whether that’s racist, or whether it’s as reasonable as wondering whether “Weird Al” Yankovic was the son of “Polka King” Frankie Yankovic.  Discuss.