Corey, Jake, if you read this, we kid because we love.


Here’s something I try to keep in mind when it comes to awkward child actors: think about when you were 9.  Think about what an uncool, emotionally underdeveloped little yutz you were.  Now imagine that dorkiness on display to the world.  So go easy on your Macaulay Culkins and your Robbie Rists, okay?


It may not be the hot news currently, but the promise/threat of more Star Wars, separate from the official Episodes, is still out there.  We already talked about the Yoda rumors (and offered our own suggestion), but the possibility of “The Young Han Solo Chronicles” opens up a whole other can of sarlaccs.  Would it be an adaptation of A.C. Crispin’s excellent Han Solo trilogy?  Would it throw that out and provide a new backstory for our favorite Corellian spice smuggler?  Most importantly, will Jaxxon appear?


Whatever they end up doing, I’m sure the Star Wars fan community will accept the decisions of Disney and Lucasfilm with the grace and respectful dignity for which they’re famous.


As you’ve probably already realized, the title for this trip was shamelessly stolen from Mad‘s Raiders Of The Lost Ark parody, “Raiders Of A Lost Art.”  I did tell you about me and Mad.


So, what would you want from a Young Han Solo movie?