Congratulations to the creators of Boston Metaphysical Society, the winners of our original art giveaway! For retweeting our one-year anniversary strip, they’ll be receiving Mowrer’s original hand-drawn art.

You should also check out their work – any strip featuring Nikola Tesla as a supporting character is something I fully support.

And thanks to everyone who Shared and Retweeted that strip! You can read the whole Anniversary Saga here, or check out The Lost World Of Sid & Marty Krofft.

I can’t fault Mowrer for his collector mentality – it wasn’t til distressingly recently that I finally got rid of my multiple copies of Superman #75, the infamous “Death Of Superman” issue. That thing was supposed to have allowed me to retire by now. But the cry-rock-inducing fact remains, I never had Underoos as a kid, for precisely the reasons detailed here. I cannot personally attest as to whether that Underwear was, in fact, Fun To Wear. So when the new adult Underoos hit the market, I’ll be eagerly making up for lost time.

What essential childhood experiences were you deprived of? Did your parents get you GoBots when you asked for Transformers? Were they “no TV except PBS and Little House On The Prairie” types? Share your pain in the comments!