Yes, we’re on Facebook and Twitter, thanks for asking!  And for your politeness, here’s a summer blockbuster for you to enjoy!

And lest you think today’s strip is some kind of a copout: Mowrer, his wife, and me have been issued the Ice Bucket Challenge, by Christian in fact, earlier this week.  Watch this space for when we get our video done and posted.

I’m not one of these contrarians who sneers at the Ice Bucket Challenge, who posts self-righteous rants on Facebook about how it’s not going to solve anything, or how dare you think about ALS while there’s Ebola, or any of the other things people post self-righteous rants on Facebook about.

Yeah, there are other diseases.  No one has forgotten about them.  I hope you will contribute to your disease of choice, and that that donation leads to a cure, or at least improved treatments for sufferers of your disease of choice.

No, the kind of contrarian I am is one who remembers, and participated in many of, the silly bandwagons the internet loves to jump on.  A year from now, guilting your friends into dumping buckets of cold water on themselves is going to be as passe as happy slapping, and it’d be a shame to see something that’s doing genuine good become as old and busted as using idiosyncratic conjugation to speculate on feline gastronomic preferences.

My interest in this is *slightly* personal; my wife lost both her grandparents to ALS (a statistical near-impossibility), so this is something that’s important to our family.  But the fact is, this may be the first time a silly viral meme has done real good.  This is helping people.  Even if donations for ALS research plateau, there’s nothing stopping us from doing something else stupid for some other good cause.  What I’m saying, internet, is if you’re gonna twerk, why not #TwerkForEbola?


On a less serious note, I’m sad to say that, being without cable in the 80s, I missed the You Can’t Do That On Television train.  But Mowrer was a fan – Mowrer, care to share some recollections with us?

EDIT: I mentioned above that my wife’s family has had to deal with ALS; in fact, her grandfather’s struggle was filmed for a documentary that you can watch, courtesy of the National Film Board of Canada.  Thanks to my awesome in-laws for letting me share this.

Bearing Witness: Robert Coley-Donohue by Dan Curtis, National Film Board of Canada