You DO, of course, know what the “rapping then crying” thing is referring to…

The one time this season they put the Dean into a silly costume, and totally worth the wait.

I realize it’s downright naive to complain about the pointlessness of Buzzfeed, a site that once ran a listicle of the “20 Most YOLO Pastas.”  I mean, the content of the site is beside the point – the purpose of Buzzfeed is to perpetuate the existence of Buzzfeed, like some self-replicating entity.  And they’re fine with me complaining about them – like Justin Bieber, PETA, or any random reality-show figure, any attention is good attention, whether it’s “OMG I’m such a Belieber!” or “Ugh, listen to what PETA did now.” I’m deliberately not linking to anything on their site, but they know any determined internet user who wants to see a  “Click Random Things And Be Named A Random Character” quiz can do so with a minimum of effort.

I fear that one day Buzzfeed will become self-aware, like SkyNet, but instead of Terminators and Hunter-Killers the human resistance will be hunted by random gifs from Disney movies screaming headlines like “20 GI JOE FACTS THAT WILL TOTALLY RUIN YOUR CHILDHOOD” and “YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT THIS MOM DID TO HER SON’S PANCAKES!”

Still, given our constant struggle to get our little strippy into more eyeballs, maybe we should consider stealing some of their tricks.  Quick, Mowrer, we gotta come up with a list of “13 Twerking Doges That You Never Knew Were Canadian!”

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