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It started as a joke.

We’re pretty firmly on record as big Community fans here at the Sub-Basement, and as fans of Harmontown, Dan Harmon’s live weekly show and podcast.  Between Harmontown, and Dan’s commentaries on the Community DVDs, some commonalities started to emerge; slightly depressive, self-diagnosed Aspie, tends to get hyper-focused on certain things, to the exclusion of other important things, like social niceties and hygiene?  One conclusion became clear.  Mowrer and I basically are Dan Harmon.  Dan Harmon basically is Mowrer and me.

It doesn’t help that I have my own Erin McGathy, a redheaded significant other with a sizable age difference.  She, Mrs. Richmond, was the one who insisted that we must never, ever actually meet Dan Harmon, or the resulting singularity would cause the universe to implode.

I’m pleased to report that that’s not the case.  Harmontown, the documentary, played in Seattle last September, and with it came Harmontown, the live weekly show and podcast, and with that came Dan Harmon.

We caught up with Dan between the movie and the podcast.  The brief conversation we had was slightly less fragmented than what is portrayed here; we gave him a print of the strip in which he appeared, he accepted it graciously and shook our hands, and that was about it.  The universe remains intact.

(And I vehemently deny that I was secretly hoping he’d be so impressed he’d call us to the stage during the podcast.  That would have been crazy.  A crazy, crazy dream…*sob*)

Also, Happy Birthday Mowrer!