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This is not the first appearance of The Usher Of The Damned; in another life he was the mascot of a website I used to run called Cinema Obscura, that, in those pre-DVD days, cataloged scenes deleted from movies. Von Zoobenstein, that’s all Mowrer’s crazed imagination.

Growing up in the Seattle area, there was one classic TV Trope I missed out on; while we had the kid-show clown covered, we never had a horror host.

While other cities had their Ghoulardi, their Svengoolie, their Zacherley (the Cool Ghoul!), upholding a tradition stretching back to Vampira, I didn’t even know horror hosts were a thing until I saw Elvira on Real People and discovered what I was missing.

(Side note: I think Elvira may actually be undead, or at least the recipient of some Faustian eternal-youth arrangement. ‘Cuz that Real People segment was over thirty years ago, and ghoulfriend STILL got it going on. Damn.)

I’ve since made up for lost time, thanks to the magic of YouTube, and the fantastic documentary American Scary. With today’s strip, Mowrer and I are happy to pay tribute to the great horror hosts of yesterday and today.

Incidentally, do you wanna know more about Surf Monsters From Outer Space? It’s a stage script I’ve been writing and tweaking for the last couple years, about which I’ll happily talk your ear off, given half a chance. Come on, a beach-party/creature-feature mashup, with a theme song performed by Peter Lorre! What’s not to love?