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Full disclosure: I haven’t actually seen any of the Fast And Furious movies.  It’s not a deliberate boycott, just inertia; my taste in car-chase movies tends more toward the Road Warrior side.  Still, when I saw this trailer, I realized this is something I want to be a part of.

Especially since a sequel to Speed Racer seems unlikely.

We’ve spoken before of the Eternal Hotness Of Helen Mirren.  So we fully support her desire to be in the next Fast And Furious.  Better still, Vin Diesel is down with the idea.  So, producers of the Fast And Furious franchise, let’s make this happen.  Even better: Make Helen’s character someone who’s a veteran of Furiousness and Fastitude, who hints at an interesting, checkered past.  Then, you do a spinoff movie, set during her younger days, say, the early 70s.  And to play the young Mirren?  Jennifer Lawrence.  BAM.  Money-printing license granted.

Incidentally, I went looking to watch the other Fast And Furious movies.  Here’s what I found:

Man, this series has been going longer than I thought.