Greetings loyal readers! Mowrer here. As you may have guessed, I’m pretty obsessed with sharks.

As a kid in the 70s, I was swept up in Jaws mania and fondly remember playing Ideal’s “The Game of Jaws”. Of course, like many it also left me a little wary of enjoying large bodies of water. Of course I’m a LONG time lover of Shark Week (and like many of you I was disappointed with the Megalodon: Them Monster Shark Lives fiasco this year). But I’ll be back next year, if only to watch Air Jaws for the thirteenth time. For my money, Deep Blue Sea is everything one could ever dare to hope for in a Finema classic: hyper-intelligent genetically modified sharks intent on destroying the underwater facility where they’re being held. Oh…and of course Samuel L. Jackson steals the show.

And damn it, I came up with a sharktopus about a year before the Roger Corman movie was released.

For our next batch of strips, I’ll be pulling one of my MANY shark sketches out of my archives for Mowrer’s next t-shirt. And of course it will be available in The Sub-Basement Zazzle Store. Watch for it in December!