Hey, we’re on Twitter and Facebook!  How about some Krofft?  Why not celebrate a Milestone with us?

Step 1: Release a movie, one that’s clever and original, but with respect for its eclectic influences. One that fits firmly in a Genre, but that is frequently characterized as having that most elusive quality, Crossover Appeal. Throw in some Groundbreaking Visuals, one or two Respected Actors, and garnish with some Big Ideas.

Step 2: As the movie becomes a critical and financial success, praise the movies originality and debate its Big Ideas on subreddits and comment sections, and in lengthy think-pieces on Slate and The Dissolve.

Step 3: as the movie becomes a big financial success, reject the perceived disproportionate acclaim, and question the individuality, intelligence, and sexual proclivities of its admirers. Post listicles and videos obsessively cataloging errors in continuity and science, and proving that the protagonist was dead all along.

Step 4 (optional) : if sequels are released, deny their  existence.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m gonna go watch The Matrix, The Blair Witch Project, Gravity, Dark City, Tron, 2001, and probably Forbidden Planet, for all I know.

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