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We were all excited around here when it was announced that Showtime would be reviving Twin Peaks, following the limited-run format pioneered by shows like Fargo and True Detective.  That excitement is lessened somewhat by David Lynch leaving the project. But then we got excited anew by the announcement of an X-Files revival, to run six episodes, presumably because any more and David Duchovny will bolt again.  Heroes Reborn could recreate the exciting character chemistry of the first season – or it could be like the entire rest of the series.

After that, it just seemed like TV was trolling us.  Coach?  Really?  I’ll only watch that if Craig T. Nelson dies in the final episode – that’s what kept me watching Parenthood to the end.  Was there untapped storytelling potential from Full House?  And yet, with all these revivals going on, no one will spare a thought for a beloved science fiction adventure that was canceled just as its story arc was taking shape?  Man, I miss Babylon 5: Crusade.

Hey, Alta Vista: Still waiting for that The Cape revival!

The New Adventures Of Beans Baxter was an espionage comedy from Better Off Dead director Savage Steve Holland.  It aired in the early days of the Fox network, back when they were the upstart that would try any weird thing they could, including Werewolf and Down And Out In Beverly Hills: The Series.  It was best known for casting Kurtwood Smith (Robocop, That 70s Show) as the villain, Mr. Sue.