One more, Sub-Basementeers.  This Thursday is the final installment of The Sub-Basement, Season 1.  Twenty months.  168 strips.  More jokes about Barney Miller than any other webcomic.

The Sub-Basement began while Mowrer and I were hanging out in March 2013.  We’d been watching and talking about Penny Arcade‘s Strip Search and started realizing: we’d worked together before, as office-mates, as co-hosts, and as a Ferris Bueller tribute act.  What if we put that creative energy toward something people might conceivably want to consume?

Things came together pretty quickly.  The new project would be modeled on our previous joint venture, the better to write characters with personalities we understood.  The rest of it built from there; the end-of-the-dial TV station where our show-within-the-strip resides.  The kind of forgotten time-slot fillers that share our airwaves.  The sad sacks who run it.  And the veteran cameraman who shoots it.  We even brought along our long-suffering friend and producer Christian.

Why are we going on hiatus?  On the one hand, our little experiment has been a success; for more than a year and a half, we’ve managed to turn out our little slice of sequential art twice a week, with only a few hiccups due to circumstances beyond our control.  On the other hand, it takes a lot to stand out in the crowded webcomic field, and while webcomics about some guys and their pop-culture interests is tried-and-true, it’s time for something more challenging than jokes about Spider-Man and Community.

We’ve got some new projects in the works, including a big one that we’ll tell you a little more about Thursday.  We’re also hard at work putting together the first Sub-Basement collection, which you’ll also hear about soon.  Be sure to Like and Follow us to get the news first.  This site will be the home for all these projects – and eventually…The Sub-Basement, Season 2!