Alternate Title: An Embarrassment Of Riches

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Richmond Role Call!  1997 Richmond has been seen multiple times hosting The Movie Geek Show.  Transhuman-Unit Richmond was last seen enjoying the way Helen Mirren wielded a quantum phlaser weapon.  1977 Richmond doesn’t get any Underoos.  Who knows what mysteries – and what Richmonds – the future will bring?

For that matter, who knows what regrets those future Richmonds will experience?  The Richmond of 2025 might cool on Dan Harmon and Community, the way the Richmond of 2014 has cooled on Babylon 5 and J Michael “Never Met A Superhero Origin He Didn’t Try To Retcon” Straczynski, or the way the Richmond of 1997 had cooled on the girl he met in 1989.

Mowrer seems to live free of regrets.  Well, apart from his own equivalent of 1989 girl.  But we all have one of those, metaphorically speaking, don’t we?