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We need to mobilize, Sub-Basementeers! You know that building you pass on the way to work, that faux-adobe building that’s a family-owned Mexican joint, that clearly used to be a Taco Bell? That one that’s next to the Indian restaurant that used to be a Pizza Hut, and the thrift store that used to be a Safeway? Well, one of those former Taco Bells was the very FIRST Taco Bell!

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The building is in Downey, California, and like every former Taco Bell, it’s housed a variety of small eateries. Its most recent occupant, a seafood restaurant, closed in December, and if a new tenant can’t be found, the building may be demolished.

But this former Bell doesn’t have to go flatulently into that good night.  Taco Bell has started a Twitter campaign with the hashtag #SaveTacoBell.  Here at the Sub-Basement, we think they can do better than that. As we tweeted a couple of weeks ago:

Come on.  Where the hell else do you want to go when it’s three AM and the munchies kick in?  What else can you do when you only have fifteen minutes for both lunch AND your post-lunch deuce?  Save Taco Bell!

Regarding Mowrer’s pose in panel 1: I’m happy to see Mowrer going public with his deep, abiding love of Miley Cyrus.  He’s had a Hanna Montana poster on his wall since 2006, and when we worked together he was known to bring his “Hanna” merchandise into the office.  Way to own your obsession, big guy.