Guys, I think we’re burying the lede here: Twin Peaks: The Entire Mystery will include not only the Pilot episode AND the complete series (never before found together, kind of like the Ultimate Question and the Answer thereto), not only the movie, but over 90 minutes of deleted scenes featuring characters from the series!  There are entire subplots here that, I’m told, make the movie play more like the series.  If you’re a longtime Twin Peaks fan, this is the opposite of Garmonbozia.

It’s a fine line we walk, given the nature of our work here in the Sub-Basement.  References are built into the very DNA of the strip.  And very little makes me happier than, say, making a Beatles reference, that’s a Monkees reference, that’s a Beatles reference.

There’s an art to good reference humor.  You may scoff, given that we just did a major storyline that was nothing but references to never-reprinted tie-in comics from thirty years ago.  But we take this stuff seriously.

But here’s the tricky part; the reference can’t be the entire point.  The reference has to be the springboard for the joke.  Doing a Scooby-Doo reference?  Feh.  Playing the Scooby gang as famous murderers from the 1970s?  Now you’re on to something. You manage that extra twist, that little switcheroo, that’s what puts you in the rarefied air of your Venture Bros, or your Community.  Without it?  You’re just Seltzer and Friedberg.

And if you hated the Atari storyline, just wait for our big Sid And Marty Krofft epic.  You’re REALLY gonna roll your eyes at that one.