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They did it.  They really did it.  After lobbying from a Facebook group calling itself The Surge Movement, including buying a billboard near Coca Cola headquarters, Surge is back on the market.  Did I say Surge?  I mean SUUUUURGE!

Being young guys in the 90s, we drank a lot of OK Soda.  Back before Ghost World and New Yorker covers, I was half-convinced I was the only one who knew who Dan Clowes was, so to to see his work adorning this oh-so-ironic concoction hooked me instantly.  I always thought the stuff tasted like a Graveyard, a Suicide, whatever you call it – you know, when you go to the fountain and put a little squirt of Orange, a squirt of Root Beer, a little of everything.  You’ve done that, right?

I don’t recall if I ever drank Hi-C Ecto Cooler – despite my lifelong Ghostbusters love (which extended to The Real Ghostbusters, but not to Ghostbusters), I’ve always been more of a soda guy than a Hi-C guy.  But this stuff seems to have a following to rival Surge.  Sorry, SUUUUURRGE!  But does it taste like Slimer?

Did you know New Coke lasted into the 90s?  It hung on until 1992, when it was rebranded “Coke II,” and quietly discontinued sometime after that.  Most of us chalk it up to a boneheaded marketing decision – though some tell of a more sinister agenda

We don’t know if Fanta Durian has ever existed – we’ve never been to East Timor.  But it would fit right in with the international flavors at  Club Cool at Disney World’s Epcot Center. There, you can sample flavors including Lychee, and an assorted vegetable flavor.  Basically, the kind of stuff Christian, a soda masochist, goes for.

Christian loves the weird flavors.  He was the one who sat us down once and proceeded to give us what amounted to a live infomercial for Coca Cola Blāk, the coffee-infused monstrosity that was on the market for a hot minute in 2006.  Later that day he crashed hard and fell asleep at his desk.  Poor kid never could handle his caffeine.