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We’re pleased to bring you this scene from the 78th Annual Banquet Of The Loyal Order Of Professional Paranormal Investigators And Eliminators!  The MC for this evening is Mr. Lawrence “Larry” Lawrence, professional Ghost Breaker since 1940.

At table 1 is Edward Spencer Jr. and Tracy T. Gorilla.  Mr. Gorilla is a founding member of the Ghost Busters (not to be confused with their better-known, similarly-named counterparts), while Mr. Spencer was a member from 1986-88.

They are joined by Gilbert Ghost, representing the Ajax Ghost Exterminators.  Gilbert has asked us to pass on the best wishes of M. Mouse, founder and proprietor.

Table 2 boasts several members of the prestigious New York Chapter of the Ghostbusters. There’s Dr. Egon Spengler, who wishes to remind us that his team are the “Real” Ghostbusters.  He is joined by his “Extreme” young protégé Kylie Griffin.  There’s the latest member of the team, identified only as “Rookie” – oh, those Ghostbusters and their hazing rituals!  Rounding out the ensemble is Dr. Ray Stantz, “The Heart Of The Ghostbusters.”  He’s recounting to Rookie one of their greatest adventures – hopefully we’ll get the whole story someday!
Unfortunately no members of the unofficial Denver chapter were able to attend, but we send them our best wishes.
Tonight’s banquet is cause for celebration, as we welcome the newest franchise, also called the Ghostbusters, to the LOOPPIAE.  We’re looking forward to seeing this new team in action, and may you be an inspiration to Ghost Busters, Ghost Exterminators, Ghost Breakers, and Ghostbusters everywhere!