Okay, okay, I know TLC hasn’t been “The Learning Channel” for years. And I know that, technically and legally speaking, The History Channel is under no obligation to broadcast actual history any more than, say, Nickelodeon is to show early hand-cranked peep shows.

But morally, it’s a different story; if you call yourself The History Channel, it’s not unreasonable to expect the content to be at least tangentially related to History, as opposed to alien-fixated guidos.

That’s why I consider it a moral victory when a channel actually lives up to its name. It’s easy to bash a show like Too Cute, which is half-hour chunks of puppies, kittens, additional puppies, and the occasional baby sloths – squee porn, basically – but it can’t be denied that it’s a show about animals, on a channel ostensibly devoted to same. As long as they stick to that, rather than, say, ersatz documentaries about mermaids, I feel like the universe is in balance.

At least The Sci-Fi channel had the decency to change their name to SyFy. To me, that’s the equivalent of those chicken-adjacent products called “Wyngz“; it doesn’t contain enough science fiction to legally be called “sci-fi,” but if you don’t mind processed factory sweepings (e.g. Sharknado, a topic we’ll be tackling soon), it’s an acceptable, cost-conscious alternative.

All this is moot in the case of MTV, though, because the only thing more obnoxious than MTV not playing music, is people who STILL bitch about MTV not playing music.

On a trivial side note, this strip was actually the first one completed. It was going to be the first published as well, before we decided that the premise of “two dudes on a TV show” needed a little context.