We’ve been best friends for over twenty years, and we’ve been collaborating on silly stuff that whole time. From our first project together, a Ferris Bueller fan film, to The Movie Geek Show, a live call-in show on Seattle Public Access, even several years working together in the gaming industry. This strip is the outlet for the silly stuff we all obsess about.


Rich Bowen
Colors, backgrounds, writing

My childhood school bus rides were often taken up with paperback comic strip collections from the school library. Tumbleweeds, Beetle Bailey, and You Have A Lot Of Books, Charlie Brown.

The biggest influence on my sense of humor was Mad Magazine. As a kid, my main exposure to a lot of our culture was as it was being mocked in Mad. I’ve seen the Exorcist, but I have more vivid memories of “The Ecchorcist.”

Chris Mowrer
Pencils, inks, writing

Ingredients: Manic Panic Voodoo blue, Clubman’s Mustache Wax, amusing t-shirts, novelty skull-themed underwear, assorted Muppet-like qualities.