I’m sure there’s a certain segment of the comics-reading population who’s been waiting since 1976 to see Star-Lord hit the screen, who could tell you at length why the Guardians Of The Galaxy movie is going to be a fiasco, that any deviation from Steve Englehart‘s original creation is a travesty worse than Jack Black as Green Lantern (though, given the GL movie we got, maybe that idea’s not so far-fetched).  And I’m sure others are planning to boycott, nay picket, any incarnation of Guardians of the Galaxy that fails to include Vance Astro.

But hey, as someone who still holds out hope for a Howard The Duck reboot, I honor your process.

I have to come clean: I had to spend some time on Wikipedia to write that first paragraph. Because I think I speak for many of us when I say, “what the hell is Guardians Of The Galaxy?”  Sure, if you’ve been a comics fan long enough, you’ve heard the title.  You’ve seen it in the house ads at the back of the titles you read, or you’ve been digging through a random dollar bin and seen issues stuck in with Omega The Unknown, Adam Warlock, and Marvel Premiere Featuring Seeker 3000.  So while most of us are asking, “who the hell do these guys think they are, having a trailer for what looks like the kickass sci-fi action comedy of the summer,” there’s almost certainly a segment of the comics-reading population who will tell you why Josh Holloway is a MUCH better choice than Chris Pratt.

If this thing is a hit, this could open up whole new avenues for Marvel.  Iron Man proved that, given the right star and the right approach, you could build a hit movie around a character without mainstream recognition.  Guardians Of The Galaxy could build a hit movie around a property with no fan recognition.  So bring on those lower-tier characters!  Let’s see Jack Kirby’s Celestials on the big screen!  Maybe Captain America: The Winter Soldier’s obligatory post-credits scene can introduce the Liberty Legion!  Let’s all debate over whether Jeremy Sisto or Jake Gyllenhaal would make a better Monark Starstalker!

And then…


It’s just a matter of time.

On a related note, I was pretty jazzed to hear Blue Swede’s “Hooked On A Feeling” in the trailer.  Some of you may remember it from the soundtrack to Reservoir Dogs.  Or, if you care to admit it, you may remember it from Ally McBeal.  But if you grew up in the Seattle area in the 70s, you know it from this: