Heads up, Sub-Basementeers, our pulse-pounding new storyline starts here!  Join us for the next eighteen strips for the epic saga of…nah, just kidding, it’s a two-parter.  But still pulse-pounding, I promise.

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Or has this peek at the inner workings of TV Squared got you curious?  We’ve seen how long it takes to get to and from the Janitorial Supplies And Auxiliary Studio.  We’ve spent an inordinately long time in the lower levels of the building, where we may not be alone.  We’ve ventured upstairs, when the need has arisen.  And come back Tuesday to see more of…a largely deserted office!

On a related note, “Sub-Basementeers” is a thing now.  #subbasementeers.  And of course, #HarmonForHoward