As I may have mentioned once or twice in recent weeks, I’m pretty obsessed with Arrow.  But when you watch a show this obsessively, certain recurring tropes reveal themselves.  Roy Harper getting injected, stabbed, or impaled.  Detective Lance’s shockingly bad accent.  And the fact that any time Felicity Smoak sits down at her computer, the camera is going to linger that extra beat on the screen as she does the Windows-8-swipe-login.

It’s a welcome change from, to pick a random example, a show like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, which took place in an alternate universe where every laptop in existence displayed glowing fruit.  I’m not complaining, honestly; as long as that phat Redmond cash keeps the DC-references and familiar Vancouver locations coming, I can handle the occasional lingering shot of  someone’s Surface Pro.  Just as long as they don’t start building entire episodes around a gum sponsorship.

In fact, as a fan and a gamer, let me put this out there: Arrow: Salmon Ladder Climb for Kinect.


You’re welcome.