At last it can be revealed: the sub-basement where we do “The Sub-Basement! It’s a crucial piece of world-building for us; all you comics-continuity lovers can now add the TV Squared building to your catalog of the strip’s mythology.

And speaking of mythology…

As an Anglophile teen in the 80s, I had a weird relationship with Doctor Who. I read all the novelizationsI could get my hands on, plus the Marvel comics series, and any book I could find on the history of the show. I even went to the exhibition that toured the US in 1987, where I got a t-shirt autographed by Sylvester McCoy and John Pertwee, which my mother promptly threw out because “I never see you wear it.”


The point is, I was a legit fan. The trouble, though, was that at the time, there was no place in Seattle actually showing the show. So for many years, I had more knowledge of Doctor Who than I had experience with it. So the few times I got to actually see the show – at conventions, or on family trips to cities that did show it, or on clear nights when we could get the Bellingham station – it was a rare treat. When KSTW showed the two Daleks movies starring Peter Cushing as “Dr. Who,” it was an event, as rare and meaningful as the rerelease of the McRib.

Doctor Who is one of the reasons I don’t go for the “everything was better then and everything sucks now” mentality that afflicts so many people after about their late-20s. If I could travel back in time and talk to my 15-year-old self, I would tell him, “Sure, for now all you have is that VHS copy of “The Creature From The Pit” you taped in California. And in a few years it’s gonna look like Doctor Who is gone for good. But I bring you news from the future! Not only will Doctor Who be back, it will be a huge deal, and a ton of people will be into it. AND you’ll be able to see a ton of old episodes on the internet and home video.” Then I’ll leave before my teenage self starts asking a bunch of awkward and potentially timeline-altering questions about my hair and weight.

– Richmond

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