Pop Pop, coolcoolcool, and other changspressions of Community fandean!  It’s been a faith-testing couple of years, not just for the fans, but for Community creator Dan Harmon; from his public blowups with Chevy Chase, to being unceremoniously ousted from the show, then getting re-hired, and being publicly called out for his…unfiltered reactions to the Harmonless fourth season.

That’s why we love Dan Harmon; he’s as much a fan as we are, and as trying as the Community experience can be for us, it’s amplified for him.  I’m just afraid Bob Greenblatt will somehow read today’s comic and get ideas.

The script for this comic went through several iterations, going all the way back to when David Guarascio and Moses Port were in charge, desperately pleading for the fans not to hate them.  While we can all agree season 4 was streets behind, I have to give G&P credit; when NBC was surely trying to get them to pull back from the edge of weirdness (and maybe take some cues from its Thursday night competition), they doubled down with a season premiere that, if anything, took the show deeper up its own ass than ever before.  They also presided over the one true gem of the season, “Basic Human Anatomy,” written by a certain Oscar-winning Dean-writer.  So go easy on the guys, okay?  It’s not like they have Happy Endings to go back to.

– Richmond