We’re big fans of Community here in the Sub-Basement (despite the occasional incident of accidental racism), so we were understandably bummed when we got the news; NBC would not be ordering a sixth season, thereby rendering millions of hashtags inaccurate.

Many fans are petitioning Netflix, Hulu, Comedy Central, Adult Swim (where Dan Harmon is already experiencing some success with Rick and Morty) and FX to pick up the show.  Others are pinning their hopes on the movie, which Harmon previously promised would be made with clay and duct tape, if need be.

We’re going to keep hoping that Community will return in some format.  Even if Donald Glover has as much success on FX as he has as Childish Gambino, even if Joel McHale gets another hosting gig, even if Jonathan Banks gets to keep playing Mike Ehrmentraut, and we get a Community focusing exclusively on Leonard and Garrett.  You know what?  Especially if it focuses exclusively on Leonard and Garrett.  Because even if Community is gone for good…At Least It Was Here.