And we’re clear!

Thank you for joining us for season 1 of The Sub-Basement.  Bitchmold and Muller will return.

As we conclude our broadcast day, we’re turning our attention to an exciting new project:


The Plain And The Powdered will be premiering soon, here and on our YouTube channel.


You’ll thrill to the danger!  The romance!  The pastries!


We’ve done some crazy, ambitious stuff in our first season, and at times we’ve even amazed ourselves.  Here are some of our proudest moments:

It all started with the Pilot, followed by the first of many Star Wars-themed strips.

The Lost World Of Sid & Marty Krofft: our summer blockbuster, and still the most ambitious story we’ve done.

We celebrated our one-year anniversary by delving deep into the bowels of TV Squared.

There was that time we got trapped in the studio.

We traveled to the infamous Atari Landfill and met some familiar faces.

It was a Dead Man’s Party in our Tribute To Oingo Boingo.

We paid tribute to our favorite Ghost Host when we met…The Voice. Though we never did finish that promo.

Speaking of Ghosts, check out our Halloween Creature Feature.

Our Christmas extravaganza, however, didn’t go as planned.

We found ourselves embroiled in a UFO conspiracy! Christian hints there’s more to this story…

And we proved that anything is better when it’s Lego.

Then there’s the strip that keeps on giving…web views.

This was one of our earliest strips, a riff on an album cover I wish was real.  But occasionally when we look at our site stats, we occasionally see a hit or two.  For a while we wondered why that one in particular.  Then we started looking at where hits were coming from…and most of them were from search engines.  So if you ever Googled, Yahoo’ed or Binged (just kidding, we know no one Bings) “Roman Orgy” and were disappointed at the one non-NSFW result…we hope you got a chuckle, at least.

All these strips and more will be available in our first collected edition. We’ll be announcing the release date for that soon.  You’ll be able to order the book, or download a digital version.  Be sure to Like and Follow the Sub-Basement to get all the news first.

Thanks again to everyone who Shared and Retweeted strips, who gave us feedback, both constructive and otherwise, and who just read and enjoyed the strip.  Thank you, and goodnight.